The Universal Publishing & Research Organization (UPRO) is formed by an intellectual group of Researchers, Scholars and Experts.

Universal Publishing & Research Organization (UPRO) is a worldwide, open access and peer reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality articles in research and delivers it to the widest possible audience. It also provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing. UPRO aims to provide the best services to all its authors and readers and to promote the knowledge transfer among research communities.

Universal Publishing & Research Organization (UPRO) is dedicated to advancing knowledge through the dissemination of research information by using open access model.  It contributes to the development of scientists, scholars, researchers, learned societies, Universities and research institutions in their different fields.

Peer-review Policy

All UPRO  journals are peer-reviewed and aim to provide the authors with fast and constructive feedback regarding their submitted manuscripts. All journals use an online submission and peer-review system to expedite the process. Every journal has a dedicated Editor-in-Chief and international editorial board to ensure a thorough peer-review and the highest scientific publishing standards. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for and decides on the specific peer-review policies for the journal.

Proposed Time Schedule 

. Submission deadline:  OPEN

· Notification: By 1-3 weeks of submission

· Publication date: Journal items can be published collectively/individually as soon as they are ready.

Submission Method

Method 1 (Recommended): Register at “Our Online Article Processing System” by clicking here -> Register then submit your paper by clicking-> New Submission link in your “User Home”.

Method 2 (Alternate): You can directly mail your paper at or


Want to submit an article? 

Please find all necessary information here: Author Guidelines.

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